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Introducing EnGIS OTA Incremental Map Updates

EnGIS’ incremental map update is the product of EnGIS’ considerable experience in providing Over-The-Air (OTA) firmware and software updates to some of the world’s largest automotive OEMs worldwide for over 5 years.

The incremental map update feature allows end users to download only the changes that have been made to a map since its previous release, thus saving time, bandwidth, and costs for both OEMs and end users.


· Proven: Deployed with automotive OEMs across tens of millions of vehicles.

· Efficient: ~3-4% delta size ensuring minimum bandwidth usage.

· Seamless: Installed in the background while navigation application is open.

· Fast: Update installed in minutes.

· Safe: Rollback supported.

· Secure: Access control, authentication and encryption.

· Flexible: Runs on AWS or on-premise infrastructures.

· GDPR: Fully compliant. No user data tracked unless required by OEM.

· Coverage: Available worldwide.


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