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A powerful and flexible dispatching, tracking, and ride-hailing platform

EnGIS Mobility Platform

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Smart Mobility & Logistics Platform


On-demand Ride-Hailing

On-demand ride-hailing system connecting passenger trip requests with drivers based on their location and driver’s availability.

End-to-End Logistics Service 

A fully integrated end-to-end planning service for first mile to last mile delivery. 

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Transportation Management Systems (TMS)

Smart Dispatch

The smart dispatch system improves vehicle allocation by using a combination of sophisticated vehicle path prediction and route planning to allocate the right vehicle with each delivery location. In an ever-changing dynamic environment, this offers a distinct advantage over traditional dispatching systems which only calculate the current distance between vehicles and delivery locations.

Multi-modal route planning

Comprehensive route planning for various transportation types involved during all delivery stages.

Micro delivery planning

The TMS service provides route planning and delivery order optimization for up to 200 destinations in less than 10 seconds. Re-planning of the route is achieved within seconds when changing or adding destinations during delivery. 

AI based analysis & prediction

  • Analyzes the characteristics of the vehicle and the driver's driving habits. 

  • Provides the driver with routes and driving guidance to help reduce fuel costs.

  • Provides efficient planning according to time slots through analysis and forecasting of delivery times.


Electric vehicle specific routing to conserve charge and maximize driving range. The routing algorithm can accurately calculate energy consumption based on projected speed of travel, elevation and areas of slow-moving traffic.

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