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Improve the vehicle’s function, performance

and safety with ease

EnGIS Over-the-Air Vehicle Software, Firmware,

Data Management & Update Solution

EnAir Sync: A reliable end-to-end
Over-The-Air (OTA) solution 

Supplies Device Management (DM) to meet OEM-specifications for integrating with OEM proprietary services.


Complies the DM with OMA-DM specifications for integration with existing DM services. 

Competitive results from benchmarking test with leading OEMs and Tier 1s. 

Identifies only delta data between old and new versions enabling OEMs to reduce cost for software and firmware updates and leads to a more cost-effective result than

the traditional OTA approach.

Keeps up-to-date features, SOTA/FOTA, map data, applications, configurations and more. 

It assists OEMs in the distribution of new software and the wireless management of current software and firmware (SOTA/FOTA).

OTA allows OEMs to control their display design to increase their brand equity and

increase overall customer (i.e. driver, end-user) loyalty.

EnGIS remote update and device management


EnGIS OTA is a market validated automotive OTA solution with several use cases such as:

 Secure FOTA update agent solution for leading global automaker

 OTA solution to update TCU and MCUs to keep vehicles safe and secure

Based on these OTA project experiences, we expect to provide automotive OTA over the next 6 years with volumes exceeding 5M. With our unique solution that has proven history of quality performance with leading automotive OEMs and Tier 1s, it accelerate OEMs to increase their brand awareness and customer loyalty. 

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Incremental Over-the-Air Map Updates for Automotive

This paper introduces the challenges faced by automakers and consumers alike when trying to update maps in embedded navigation systems. The fast-moving connected car landscape, together with an evolving regulatory environment, presents opportunities and solutions for all stakeholders. One such solution is the end-to-end EnAIR OTA platform with seamless and zero-downtime incremental map updates that minimizes data consumption and allows drivers full use of the application while map updates are being installed in the background.

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