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Highly scalable navigation solution with

a seamless user experience

Hybrid Navigation

Hybrid Navigation

EnGIS Technologies offers a full portfolio of navigation solutions from onboard, offboard to hybrid types offering flexibility to connect with in-vehicle systems using our proprietary data communication protocol Navlink™.

As a member of NDS association, we offer a must-have solution including NDS map compilation, NDS DB tool-chain, incremental map update solution and also are evolving our product portfolio to address the need for products requiring integration with automotive sensors, connected services and related ecosystems since
becoming member of SENSORIS and ADASIS.


Hybrid Navi Features

Multi-Display / Channel / Platform

- IVI, Cluster, HUD

- BT, USB, WiFi, CAN, Ethernet

- QNX, Linux, GENIVI, Android, iOS, Windows

- Open platform / Standard: SDL, NDS

V2X communication capability

- Integrating data from navigation
    with ADAS sensors, V2X

AI-based features

- Conversational navigation based on NLU
- Personalized service through

    Machine Learning

Rich data services

- Traffic, weather, traffic light signals,        
road hazards, fuel prices, parking, etc.

Over-The-Air update

- Software modules, security patches,
    HMI UI/UX, incremental map updates



- Digital signing

Why EnGIS Navigation

Hybrid NavigationFlexible and Highly scalable


Display is channel and platform agnostic.

Global standard compliant


EnGIS complies with global standards including ISO 9001,

Display options


NavLink, our own connectivity protocol, SDL and Mirrorlink

are able to integrate a mobile phone or

head unit to the cluster and Heads-Up-Display (HUD).

Own your brand identity


The EnGIS customizable UI/UX enables OEMs to create

their own look and feel.

Future-oriented focus


AI and machine learning based feature including seamless and
personalized service. It also provides safe and attractive
driving experience leveraging ADAS, V2X and rich data service.

OTA Incremental Map Update

EnGIS’ incremental map update is the product of a EnGIS’ considerable experience in providing Over-The-Air (OTA) firmware and software updates to some of the world’s largest automotive OEMs worldwide for over 5 years. 

The incremental map update feature allows end users to download only the changes that have been made to a map since its previous release, thus saving time, bandwidth, and costs for both OEMs and end users. 



Deployed with automotive OEMs across tens of millions of vehicles.


~3-4% delta size ensuring minimum bandwidth usage.


Installed in background while navigation application is open.


Update installed in minutes.


Rollback supported.


Access control, authentication and encryption.


Runs on AWS or on-premise infrastructures.


Fully compliant. No user data tracked unless required by OEM. 


Available worldwide.

Download White Paper


Incremental Over-the-Air Map Updates for Automotive

This paper introduces the challenges faced by automakers and consumers alike when trying to update maps in embedded navigation systems. The fast-moving connected car landscape, together with an evolving regulatory environment, presents opportunities and solutions for all stakeholders. One such solution is the end-to-end EnAIR OTA platform with seamless and zero-downtime incremental map updates that minimizes data consumption and allows drivers full use of the application while map updates are being installed in the background.


NDS Compilation 

nds-logo-big copy.png

Navigation Data Format (NDS) has become a worldwide standard for map data in automotive eco-systems. Its specification covers the data model, storage format, interfaces, and protocols.


EnGIS has been an active member of NDS association since 2016. NDS is one of the many automotive standardizations that EnGIS is involved with.


In addition to supporting its own highly optimized proprietary map data format, EnGIS also offers compilation services for the NDS format. The EnGIS navigation stack now fully supports the NDS map data format.

Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS)


EnGIS is an active member of ADASIS, an industry platform that develops the ADAS horizon concept and its interface specification. The ADAS Horizon provides upcoming road information for the driver and assistance systems. 

EnGIS supports ADASIS V2 and ADASIS v3. 

ADASIS is currently used in EnGIS software deployments for applications such as localization, intelligent speed assistant, eco-drive range and e-horizon implementations using map attributes such as slope, curvature, road geometry, traffic signs, lane widths, speed limits and more. 



EnGIS supports RDS-TMC, ALERT-C and TPEG traffic standards. EnGIS is a member of the Traveller Information Services Association (TISA) which is focused on the proactive implementation of traffic and travel information services and products using the existing standards of RDS-TMC and TPEG. 

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