Telematics Solution Provider

Advanced solutions for emergency response systems

and radio access technologies.

Support to Smart car platform based on the technology of the Smartphone sector Telematics service development (module(LTE), Connectivity...Etc.)

Core Technology

EU eCall & ERA-Glonass

Svyaz Compliant

Linux based platform technology for Telematics Systems

Linux based application

Linux BSP


Radio Access Technologies development for Telematics modules



OEM Projects

Volkswagen Group Telematics (2015.05 ~ present)

providing EU eCall / ERA-Glonass(includes GNSS) development and certification in Europe, Russia and China. Includes diagnostic SW for audio, antenna, temperature. VW brands: Volkswagen, Audi and Skoda. 

GM Onstar Telematics (2016.04 ~ present)

Telematics SW for OnStar, including satellite, GPS and mobile phone technology. Comprises an application Layer (audio, radio, theft) and service layer (audio, diagnostic, DTC, log, network, phone manager). 

Geely Telematics (2015.06 ~ present)

Development of application software communicating with OEM's call centre wirelessly; communication between telematics modules and head unit; software which controls power and telematics device network.